Rose Villa Library

A Journey of 6,000 Miles


The Rose Villa Library, a book mobile, and several outreach schools will by the end of this year have received some 12,000 books.   A project started by Dawn La Flamm, of Mexico has gained the support of our local community with amazing results.

Reading is Fundamental & Fun


700 Children have access to these book.  Most of these children did not know the concept of a book of fiction are now reading English at a comprehension level that is more than a 50% higher level  than before Dawn started this initative.

Support from the Local Community


The Lycoming, New Haven, and Mexico Churches are all onboard in helping bring books to young readers

Many hands make this effort possible


The concept of Books to Ghana first started around 2011 and continuse to grow with the help of many.

Comunity Residents are all Onboard


Success is guaranteed when you have a community such as ours that is willing to give their support.

Here is Your Order, Enjoy


Here is your order and thank you for your support.

To all who worked and helped make this fund raiser a success thank you and God Bless.