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Peace  and Shalom,  
Maybe this definition will bring added meaning when we sing "Shalom to You"

The word peace originates from the Old French work meaning “reconciliation, silence agreement and the absence of hostility”.

The word Shalom has a much richer meaning.  The basic meaning is to be whole, or safe, or sound.  Shalom designates a condition in which life can best be lived.  (integrity, body, soul and spirit are in alignment.   Shalom is the condition of everything being set right. It’s about fulfillment , completion maturity, soundness, wholeness, harmony, tranquility, security, well-being, welfare, friendship agreement, success, prosperity.  Shalom means all is well within one’s life.

(above from Dr. David Jeremiah’s “A Life Beyond Amazing, Chapter 3 A Life of Peace.)


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